Calton Hill Pre-wedding Photo Shoot - Carolyn and Chris

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Calton Hill Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

As part of my service I offer a pre-wedding photo shoot to my clients. I love to provide this service as it can greatly enhance the wedding photography experience for my clients.

Very few clients have been centre stage in a professional photo shoot. My pre-wedding photo shoot offers clients the chance to find out what's involved before their wedding day.

For clients booking a wedding collection which includes a wedding album, I have a special offer where I provide you with a pre-wedding photo shoot completely free of charge. This popular upgrade is well worth taking advantage of, as you receive a great selection of high quality photos. As a bonus the experience is always relaxed and good fun!

I'll soon be covering the wedding of Carolyn and Chris. This lovely Edinburgh based couple are getting married near Aberdeen and took up the offer of a pre-wedding photo shoot. Calton Hill in Edinburgh is a fantastic location offering a wealth of interesting locations and backdrops which Carolyn and Chris agreed would be worthy of a visit. It was a dry but cold day that we met and headed up to Calton Hill. First stop was having a few photos shot in front of and on top of the imposing National Monument of Scotland. I used off camera flash to help illuminate Carolyn and Chris, and to add depth and shape to the image. Off camera flash also meant that the sky lighting is nicely balanced with the subjects, Carolyn and Chris, ensuring a much more pleasing result is obtained.

We spent around 90 minutes at various locations on top of Calton Hill. We created a really good and varied selection of photos. Most importantly, Carolyn and Chris have a much better idea of how relaxed and fun having their photos taken will be. On their wedding day we will refer back to what we did on Calton Hill, meaning very little time is wasted as we do our photo shoot.

I'm really looking forward to working for Carolyn and Chris again very soon!