Balbirnie House wedding video – live band Pepperpot playing at the reception

Balbirnie House wedding video

I recently had the pleasure of filming another Balbirnie House wedding video. This was the finale to Tracey and James’ wedding day. The entertainment in this film was provided by Arbroath based entertainers, Pepperpot.

This Balbirnie House wedding video was recorded using two Canon 5DMK2 cameras. One camera was mounted on a tripod to film Pepperpot. The other camera was mounted on my Steadicam Merlin stabiliser to film the dancing. A super-wide angle 16-35mm L USM MK2 lens provides an amazing perspective that a regular fixed-lens video camera just cannot match. I prefer to walk round the dancefloor to film the dancing. Being rooted to the spot just doesn’t look as good being right there in and around the dancing!

Balbirnie House Wedding Video - Newly-weds and Pepperpot

I’m one of the few Scottish wedding film makers to offer this kind of service. Most videographers won’t invest in the equipment required for the sake of filming a few minutes of dancing. This is understandable. But if you want to create a wedding film that looks different and so much better than your average wedding reception film, then the investment is worth every penny!

I always love filming Balbirnie House weddings. The evening receptions are always great to film. Balbirnie House has the most amazing dancefloor. It looks like a regular dancefloor. However when the newly-weds step onto the floor and begin their first dance, the floor becomes illuminated with thousands of tiny flashing lights. The lights are actually built into the floor and look really special when lit up. An added bonus is that the dancefloor is a decent size. Plenty of space for larger wedding parties. And room for me to walk around the edge of the dancefloor filming everyone partying!

Here’s the film of the first three dances of the evening reception of this wonderful Balbirnie House Hotel wedding.